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Recover Deleted Files

OK, you have the will, the time, and the disk space. What now? Reconstructing data is a two step process - recovering the data from the unallocated section of the media with unrm and then reconstructing it with lazarus. You might try to read the man pages for unrm & lazarus, or the file "lazarus.README", which will go on and on about how lazarus and unrm work. Failing that, this is a perhaps kindler and gentler approach to the problem.

#1. Determine the file system the lost file was on. For those not familiar with this concept, try typing (the "%" is the prompt - "#" is used when it must be done by root):

% df /directory/where/file/was

#2. Save the unallocated blocks of that Filesystem - use the "unrm" tool for this. This may sound foolish, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU RECOVER DATA TO THE SAME FILE SYSTEM IT WAS LOST ON!!!! If this isn't clear to you, consider; your data is in that free area out there somewhere. You'd be filling up that free space with itself, essentially at random locations. There'd be a more than significant chance you'd blow away your lost file before you got it.

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